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Couples Counseling

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Couples Counseling

All relationships have their ups and downs.  Many relationships start out good and then gradually develop conflicts over time.  Sometimes the conflicts build to the point where communication and intimacy break down.  Differences that start out as small disagreements gradually escalate and become major problems.  Relationships that started out with love and compassion shift to a place where partners feel issolated or angry in relation to each other.

Most couples come from different family backgrounds where conflicts and disagreements were worked out in different ways.  Sometimes what one partner does to resolve a conflict is the opposite of what the other partner would naturally do.  One partner may think that by giving the other time alone will help the conflict.  The other may think the opposite, that what they really need is to spend more time talking with each other. People can think that their partners are intentionally causing problems when they're actually trying to help.

It's important to find out differences that people may have in working out conflicts. Realizing that your partner actually means well can make a difference. 

In working with couples I work on not just the particular dissagreements there are but also the ability of both couples to appreciate, soothe, and love each other.  The way that people relate to each other, especially in relation to showing appreciation, caring and soothing often times has more impact on the outcome of a conflict than any particular listening skill or communication technique.  


Whether you are currently in a relationship or not I can help you to resolve relationship issues. Sometimes people with relationship difficulties may have unresolved conflicts from prior relationships or issues with trauma from their childhood.  I can provide safety, empathy, and understanding to help resolve current and past relationship conflicts.  Oftentimes problems with depression or anxiety can also be helped by working through relationship issues.